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Relaax is a mobile app that empowers employees to be more mindful with reminders to take breaks, fill out daily surveys, and earn company rewards.
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Mental Health Matters

According to the Harvard Business Review, depression, anxiety, and as a result negatively impacted productivity costs companies $44 billion each year. With a recent Deloitte survey, they found that 60% of people at the company value mental health but lack sufficient backing from their employer to improve their mental health. Now, more than ever, with COVID-19, employees working remote are seeing higher rises in stress, anxiety, and overall lower mental health.

Enhanced Experience

Relaax is an all-in-one mobile app solution that offers a seamless experience for employers to offer to their employees to help initiate, manage, and improve their mental health. For employees, Relaax provides reminders to take breaks, gauge personal growth through daily surveys, and earn rewards for completing tasks on the app! To keep everyone’s information private and confidential, data is kept 100% anonymous among employees.

Boosted Productivity

Companies, employers, and HR are able to view overall tasks completed by employees, company Relaax score averages, and most importantly productivity increases tied to those scores through a web-based platform. Additionally, employers are able to set custom rewards for completing daily tasks. With improvements in mindfulness, energy, and the encouragement of completing tasks through rewards encourages increased productivity.

How does Relaax work?

Invite your team to join Relaax

With an easy-to-use HR platform, your business can set up your employees on teams within minutes on Android & iOS.

Measure & track mental health improvement

With personalized Relaax scores, each employee will be able to track, monitor, and grow their mental health. Daily surveys help keep mental health in perspective.

Earn, engage, and empower employees

Encourage employees to improve by setting any reward for employee improvements with collected Relaax points

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relaax email invite
relaax email invite

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Relaax is an online platform for companies and teams to improve mental health which in turn will increase productivity, build company culture, and bring mindfullness focus to the workplace.


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