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Heran, August 3, 2020

Welcome to the Relaax blog! This is our first blog! We are so excited to be on this journey with you, and hope to deliver some great content!

What's Startup Growth?

As with any startup, viability is a main concern. Relaax started as a concept very similar to how people talk about ideas, and decide to pursue something which has some sort of perceived value and potential to grow into something scalable.

Business growth in general encompasses many things from business planning to market research to product fit to much more. In order to have a successful growth campaign, people define goals for their idea, service or product. As is most commonly known, most startups fail due to a lack of hitting every item on the checklist with a green checkmark. Some startups may seemingly appear to have a grasp on their business, but soon realize that the hype was false, and some items on the checklist fell through. This could take months, or even years to realize by which the loss of time, energy, and efforts could prevent someone from pivotting the business in the right direction.

At Relaax, we prefer taking a relaax-ed approach (pun intended). It is our top priority to first thoroughly understand our target, validate out business model, and leave an open mind to pivot according to the demanding times.

Our Mission + Strategy

Before diving into growth strategy, it is important to understad our mission:

To empower companies and teams to elevate employee mental health wellness

We are developing an easy-to-use platform to empower companies and teams to integrate a mental health wellness for their employees. The platform will be 2 pronged - one side for the team manager, and the other for the employees within the teams themselves. The goal is to improve employee mental health, boost productivity, and build great culture.


Our growth strategy at present consists of the following:

Outreach Exploration

We aspire to reach out to people through known networks in an unscalable fashion at first. Things such as reaching out to individuals within the industry, tracking knowledgeable individuals in the space, and starting conversations with as many people as possible. We try not to limit our reach to any particular individual becuase we realize mental health has to do with all humans, and therefore, we open ourselves to more ideas, potential needs, and knowledge.

Pre-MVP product

If you don't know where you are going, you will never get there, and we completely agree with that. For our customers to fathom what we are trying to do, it becomes very difficult to demonstrate with words alone. Therefore, our growth strategy incorporates building a simple MVP to bring a visualization towards the benefits of our product.

Social Media Campaigning

As we are currently learning by being suppressed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has becoming increasingly important to recognize the digital transformance and reliance of people around the world on technology. The outreach nowadays is better suited through digital social media outlets compared to direct in-person contact. Additionally, Relaax aims to specifically target remote workplace ecosystems, so what better way to reach out than social media. Along with this process, it will help build out a smarter marketing campaign for customer acquisition once Relaax is fully launched.


Despite having this strategy today, we realize certain strategies will have to be replaced, and with the changing times, innovation is the only thing the world demands from Relaax. We aspire to continually optimize our strategy to bring about the best possible results.

We will be sharing more updates about these strategies, their success rates, and any important insight that may help you! Your journey is our journey!

How will Relaax help?

Relaax empowers teams to elevate employee mental health wellness through it's platform

Relaax is a simple-to-use platform to empower employers to provide a reliable infrastructure to improve employee mental health wellness. The employers will be able to log in to the platform, set up teams, and monitor in-depth analytics of their employee/company mental health. On the other side, employees will be able to log in, continuously improve mental health, and stay on track to manage their mental health. Additionally, Relaax is meant for both in-person office employees as well as remote employees.

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Relaax is an online platform for companies and teams to improve mental health which in turn will increase productivity, build company culture, and bring mindfullness focus to the workplace.


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