Taking Charge Of Mental Health in the Pandemic

Heran, August 4, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had tremendous impact on mental health of people not just in the United States, but all around the world. Due to the nature of this pandemic we are currently in, people have been shifted on a large scale from the office environment to home. The remote work-from-home culture has been quickly adapted in a growing digitally-powered society. With this shift, while one problem is resolved with quarantine, it opens itself to the problem at home - mental health.

COVID-19 Mental Health Impacts

The current pandemic's effect of forcing people to work from home opens a new can of worms. Some effects include isolation and burnout.

Isolation impaces mental health because of the fact that people who are now locked down into a confined space with limited human interaction. With limited interactions with the world, people who are generally socializing in the office now no longer are interacting to help improve their mental health. Furthermore, the isolation prevents people from engaging in meaningful conversations to enable emotional balance.

Burnout is another problem that arises which connects directly to mental health. Working from home applies even more pressure to uphold productivity, work harder to deliver on timelines, and have more direct expectations of themselves from their employers. On both sides of the equation, the employers are working hard to keep business afloat, and will therefore, leverage that pressure to the employees. In turn, the employees then have to sacrifice their mental health in order to fulfill the demands of the employer. In this type of ecosystem, it becomes even harder to tackle mental health let alone improve mental health.

How will Relaax help?

Relaax empowers teams to elevate employee mental health wellness through it's platform

Relaax is a simple-to-use platform to empower employers to provide a reliable infrastructure to improve employee mental health wellness. The employers will be able to log in to the platform, set up teams, and monitor in-depth analytics of their employee/company mental health. On the other side, employees will be able to log in, continuously improve mental health, and stay on track to manage their mental health. Additionally, Relaax is meant for both in-person office employees as well as remote employees.

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Relaax is an online platform for companies and teams to improve mental health which in turn will increase productivity, build company culture, and bring mindfullness focus to the workplace.


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