COVID-19 Employee Interviews Reveal The Truth

Heran, August 5, 2020

So, the question of the hour is, how are things going in this pandemic? As a more important question to address for Relaax, how is mental health of employees for today's remote employees.


Relaax conducted a small scale research with interviews with a handful of employees currently working remotely. When reaching out to some employees, Relaax has found valuable information as to how people are feeling, what pressures they are going through, and most importantly, how their mental health is doing. For those who want the answer straight, most people we have interviewed have some sort of urge to get back into the office. The modern culture of remote work has definitely helped companies, but people are mentally struggling to cope with the psychological alteration this current pandemic brings. We dive deeper into the pandemic distance effect, culture effect, and anti-social effect.

Pandemic Distance Effect

Becuase of the digital transformation of sending people to work from home, the physical distance has definitely brought about a bigger gap between people. As a result of this, the mental distance is now growing at a much greater pace. This, in turn, starts edging to the point of lower employee mental health. With our interviews with employees working remotely, we found that a majority of them wish they had an office environment to work in to better connect with their colleagues. Another key factor that they preferred it was to better connect with each other to promote less awkward interactions during digital meetings.

Pandemic Culture Effect

As mental health is negatively affected by remote working, so does company culture take the same effect. Our interviews found that the company culture amongst individuals was not as great due to the distancing. The employees felt that the company could take a more proactive approach to help facilitate more guidance on company culture; however, looking at the data, the employees understood that the company's priority focused on accomplishing the tasks at hand. Remote work culture is losing company culture!

Pandemic Anti-social Effect

Because of the pandemic, many employees forgot about happy hour! Just kidding, but data shows that employees lack the social events within a remote working culture, and therefore, are adversly affected in a similar manner. Not having bonding time makes the people feel less comfortable with their colleagues. Socialization has now gone digital, which has had an anti-social effect.

How will Relaax help?

Relaax empowers teams to elevate employee mental health wellness through it's platform

Relaax is a simple-to-use platform to empower employers to provide a reliable infrastructure to improve employee mental health wellness. The employers will be able to log in to the platform, set up teams, and monitor in-depth analytics of their employee/company mental health. On the other side, employees will be able to log in, continuously improve mental health, and stay on track to manage their mental health. Additionally, Relaax is meant for both in-person office employees as well as remote employees.

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Relaax is an online platform for companies and teams to improve mental health which in turn will increase productivity, build company culture, and bring mindfullness focus to the workplace.


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