4 Things to Improve Pandemic Mental Health

Heran, August 11, 2020

With a recent study by CNBC showing that 1 in 3 Americans are currently under anxiety and/or depression, it is clear that the coronavirus pandemic is a major cause. To put that into perspective, that is approximately 100 million people who are facing problems at some level of mental health. While there may be differing levels of mental health issues based on different kinds of people, there are solutions for them.

If you personally fall within this statistic, then there are things you can do TODAY to help improve your mental health!

1. Build a routine

As most work has moved remote with social distancing and quarantine measures, people are now uncertain about their roles and their distinctions about what they need to do. Getting a routine together to follow on a daily basis can be benefitial to keep your life on track. Making a schedule every morning for that day can help keep your mind occupied and build up anticipation for what is coming up. This will empower your mental state to be occupied with positive things to look forward to rather than explore bad outcomes with down time. When you kill down time, and get bored less often, your mental health will improve.

2. Meditation

The ancient practices and methodologies for spiritual elevation from India have recently become very popular. Yoga and meditation can help improve mental health through consistent practice. Meditation is focused on focusing the mind on the self, and build more stablility within the mind no matter the external situation. Taking 5 minutes a day to train the mind to be unaffacted by the external winds can improve your mental health.

3. Physical to the Mental

Physical exercise has been shown to improve mental health. Althogh gyms are currently closed, and even going out of business in some cases, there are plenty of alternative ways to get some physical exercise in the system. Taking a walk, doing a home workout, or even going out for a social distanced run can help improve mental stability which will in turn improve mental health.

4. Learn From Nature

Mental health issues stem from the ideas we obtain from the environment around us. Sometimes, it will be worth it to take a break, and visit some of the beauty of mother nature. There are plenty of lessons to learn from nature, and just taking the mind out of a depressing environment, and exposing your mind to an ever-growing landscape with calming effects will help your mental health. Taking a picnic at the park, going for a hike by the beach, or visiting a national park can all help bring more external calming effects to your mind.

How will Relaax help?

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