Breaking Taboo on Mental Health

Heran, August 12, 2020

Wake up! The world is changing every day, and so should you!

When the conversation comes to mental health, it has been kept suppressed, and not an open conversation in many communities around the world. It is as real and prevalent a problem as the last bit of toothpaste left in the tube. Although the conversations and helplines have been made available, there is a great measure of work left in order to help solve the problem of mental health for a majority of the people in the world. Some issues include anxiety, depression, stress, emotional imbalance, and more.

There are ways to help break this taboo with old-fashioned parents, people within the community, and through social media outlets.

Start at home

The first place change starts is at home. Having conversations with your parents, opening never-before opened communication channels, and taking initiative to recognize that such mental issues exist is the best way to help grow an understanding to dissipate the problem. It may take time and patience to help resonate the thoughts and ideas behind the mental health issues, but through consistency, it will open up the entire family to break the stigma. In essence, making an effort for easier, lighter, and open conversation will help empower the solution.


After direct family, friends hold the next higher level of influence in our environment. Some of the ways you think about life, tailor your objectives, and shape the way you behave is partially attributed to the friends that you spend time with. As is said, if you associate with darkness, you will develop a dark mindset, and if you associate with positivity, then you will reap a positive life. Similarly, having positive friends in your circle is super important to ensure you mind is staying fresh and positive on the outlook of life! Assess your company, and make changes that you feel can put you on the right path. Getting rid of bad relationships allows for new, stronger, and better relationships to form.

Social Media

With the world making initiatives, pushing for equality in social issues, and spreading word like wildfire through social media, the ability for global communication has increased. There are many tools to help individuals who need the mental health help they need. Obviously, there are gaps in the market which we are trying to fill with Relaax, but there still is power in connecting with people on the web.

On the flip, if you can help encourage people to have access to these resources, then that can help change a life forever. In order to do this, you can help share on your social media platforms about technologies, helplines, and solutions that can help solve a person's mental health issues. Opening conversation and empowering social media to spread goodness can help bring about breaking the taboo about mental health, and will promote a better tomorrow for this planet!

How will Relaax help?

Relaax empowers teams to elevate employee mental health wellness through it's platform

Relaax is a simple-to-use platform to empower employers to provide a reliable infrastructure to improve employee mental health wellness. The employers will be able to log in to the platform, set up teams, and monitor in-depth analytics of their employee/company mental health. On the other side, employees will be able to log in, continuously improve mental health, and stay on track to manage their mental health. Additionally, Relaax is meant for both in-person office employees as well as remote employees.

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Relaax is an online platform for companies and teams to improve mental health which in turn will increase productivity, build company culture, and bring mindfullness focus to the workplace.


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