Does Mindfulness Help?

Heran, August 17, 2020

Mindfulness! The latest buzzword in many people's journey to being a better, more balanced individual.

In order to understand whether or not mindfulness helps a human, we have to first explore what mindfulness. As a general definition, mindfulness is the practice by which an individual focuses on the emotional, mental thoughts, and feelings to manage/improve mental health. In a deeper sense, this is the focus on connecting the body to the mind, and coming to an equilibrium state on both the inside and outside.

At the core, mindfulness is a never-ending quantitative measure of how much of that equilibrium state your mental state is at. The potential is limitless.

There are many options to become more mindful from yoga, meditation, and mind control. To answer the question on whether or not mindfulness helps, it is yes!

There are people that may be against the idea or simply have not tried it, but it is a part of human life that is of uttmost importance to live a better life. Being physically fit alone is not enough. Mentally becoming stable is equally as important.

The methods described such as yoga, meditation, and mind control can each help bring more mindfulness in different ways. Yoga focuses on taking the mind to a higher state through physical assistance. You will often see this form done through asanas and physical stances.

Meditation is more of an inward looking exercise that forces one to let go of the tension and stress, and build more trust and availability in the mind.

Mind control, which is kind of a hard thing to practice is something that requires one to practice restricting urges in the mind, putting resistence, and avoiding certain things that one is used to. This is by far the hardest, but it helps build stability and consistent resilience in the face of harder situations that one may come across in their life.

Using technology to help you on your journey to more mindfulness can help you achieve greater mental health!

How will Relaax help?

Relaax empowers teams to elevate employee mental health wellness through it's platform

Relaax is a simple-to-use platform to empower employers to provide a reliable infrastructure to improve employee mental health wellness. The employers will be able to log in to the platform, set up teams, and monitor in-depth analytics of their employee/company mental health. On the other side, employees will be able to log in, continuously improve mental health, and stay on track to manage their mental health. Additionally, Relaax is meant for both in-person office employees as well as remote employees.

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